The Next Generation of Treatments and Cures

The tide of health care is changing. Scientific advancements have made it possible to understand the body’s amazing abilities better than ever before, putting the medical world on the cusp of the next generation of treatment and cures. And at the forefront of this pursuit is Sanford Health.


Imagenetics at Sanford Health


We’re bringing genetics and genomics into primary care to help our internal medicine physicians deliver care unique to each patient. The BioBank is saving DNA material to be used for research and saved for our patients’ personal use in the future.
Sanford Immunotherapy


We offer a variety of clinical trials exploring how to use our body’s own immune system to destroy cancer cells.
Sanford Vascular Innovations

Vascular Innovations

We’re maximizing medicine and technology to create medical devices that can help heal our weakest of patients after an aortic aneurysm.
Stem Research at Sanford Health

Stem Cell Therapy

We’re tapping into the potential of using our bodies’ own stem cells to help heal from within.
Research scientist

Clinical Trials

We provide more than 300 clinical trials to provide patients with access to innovative treatments, while helping improve care and find cures for future generations.
Vatican and Sanford Health


Sanford Health presents at The Third International Conference on the Progress of Regenerative Medicine and Its Cultural Impact in Vatican City.