Sanford Imagenetics

Your DNA is now your doctor’s best friend

Launched in 2014 through a $125 million gift from Denny Sanford, Sanford Imagenetics is the first program in the nation to give patients access to the benefits of genetics and genomics from their very first point of contact – their internal medicine physician.

Today, we can use your DNA to help find the right drugs and doses that work better for you. Tomorrow, we hope to predict future risks for illness and disease, so we can stop them before they start.

Study of specific, individual genes and their role in heredity.

Genetic counselors at Sanford have been embedded into our internal medicine practices across the region, to help our patients who have genetic testing understand the information they have and how to best use it based on their needs and life.

How it works

1. You have a little blood drawn.
2. Your blood goes to our lab, where your DNA can be evaluated.
3. Sanford’s team looks for any markers, or clues, that would show how your body reacts to certain medications.
4. Those clues are then added into your electronic medical record, so your physician can use that information to help select the right dose of the right drug for you.

Within the program, you receive:


Sanford BioBank

Biobanks play a crucial part in medical research. The biological samples stored in biobanks can help crack complex diseases, make new discoveries and design breakthrough treatments and drug therapies. The samples, such as blood or surgical tissue, contain genetic material that helps researchers identify gene variations linked with diseases.

Sanford BioBank is filled with a person’s DNA and health history, in the form of a blood sample. Anyone age 18 or older may participate, and there is no cost to you.


No other biobank consists of these two functions:

  1. Clinical BioBank: Your sample could help your future generations be aware of certain genetic markers related to your condition, so they can also be tested to determine their risk for the same disease.
  2. Research BioBank: Your sample can also help our researchers work faster toward new treatments and cures, and also learn how to help people stay healthy.

Sanford Imagenetics can impact your care now and in the future.